Kingdom Empire Electric Bass Guitar (B-Stock)

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The Empire bass represents the latest in cutting-edge guitar design and sophistication. From the drawing board, each and every inch has been carefully considered, tested and evolved into a high-level performance instrument.

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Join the Empire!

Because of the slim, smooth neck and nut combination, travelling up and down the fretboard at great speed is easily achievable so is appealing to more technically proficient players. This said, the Empire does not discriminate and welcomes all that cross its path.

The resonance of this guitar comes from the clever channelling of string tones into the body via the unique fretboard tail and solid Tilia body.

The combination of a slanted split single-coil (middle/neck) and dual-pole single-coil (bridge) gives essential balance of volume and clarity to notes played on any string and at any fret position.

Further versatility lies within the individual volume controls which are conveniently placed in relation to each pickup. The overall tone control is located in the upper body position for ease of access and live tweaks to your sound. All control knobs are sunken into the body to offer a low-profile, sleek design and the chrome matches beautifully with the adjustable bridge and angled jack input.

  • Limited production run – once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Carved basswood body with double cutaway
  • 21 fret rosewood fretboard with diamond inlays and tapered tail
  • 34″ scale-length
  • Maple neck with chromed Kingdom heel plate
  • 38mm ABS nut
  • Angled Kingdom P/J pickups
  • 2 x volume (blend), 1 x tone (master)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Luthier: China/UK

Kingdom players include: Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief – Bruce used his SOORD on the whole of the Your Wilderness album if you are looking for an audio demo! Jack Darnell of Confessions Of A Traitor (full-custom UK-made SOORD) and David Gillam (SOORD with EMG HetSet). Jacob Whitt from An Empire Will Fall (ONYX7), Matthis Lemonnier from Season of Tears (ONYX7), Harri Lowe from Return to Rome/Last Stand Studios (ONYX7, EMPIRE bass, SLVT), Julien Mehay from Waverly Lies North (ONYX7), Bryan Dilionnis from An Astonishing End (ONYX7), Abel Torres from ABEL III (ONYX7). The ONYX7 was also used extensively in the development of the Positive Grid BIAS amp head. Josh Ballantyne of Fahran (EMPIRE bass), Andy Constantinou of Derailed/AndyCGuitar (ONYX7, SLVT), Nick Goodwin of Beth Blade (EMPIRE bass), Liam Bevan of Chroma (EMPIRE bass), Harvey Ware of Seething Akira (DDSE), Mike Harrison of Portraits by Candlelight (DDSE), George Smith of Return To Rome (DDSE), Ben Boswell of Stand Amongst Giants (SLVT).


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4 reviews for Kingdom Empire Electric Bass Guitar (B-Stock)

  1. Salvatore Andrea Ciccarelli (verified owner)

    incredible value for money musical instruments.
    excellent workmanship and wood.
    I bought the kingdom empire bass and I was amazed by the product. the pickups are fantastic, more than I expected. At the price of a “cheap” instrument, I have a high-quality bass in my hands. In the rehearsal room, my band was amazed by the sound obtained from this instrument.
    IMHO a must-have for rock & metal musicians! Honored to be part of the family of Kingdom Guitars, we will start a great endorsement relationship for sure… Thanks

  2. Joshua Ballantyne

    Been my touring bass for best part of 4 years and survived the entire ordeal. Fast neck, looksd sounds great and takes a beating. What more do you need?!

  3. Alison Bray

    Not just a cool looking instrument, this bass has loads of innovative design features – including the slim neck and offset body shape – that make it feel balanced and comfortable to play. I love the sound which is both clean and punchy – good for a retro sound, not just rocking out. A great choice.

  4. Marc Wehrlein

    What a Bass! What a fat clear sound. I am still stoked . Completely new experience of sound. and power. Thanks much to the Bristol team. I am so excited and happy!

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