Josh Ballantyne

Dear fellow axe wielders...

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Kingdom Guitars Legion. If you are serious about endorsement, please read the following information very carefully to get an understanding of how it all works. In general, it is quite straightforward to receive endorsement from Kingdom Guitars but, when it takes as much time as it does to create our guitars, this doesn’t mean a free guitar.

Our guitars are the result of several years meticulously designing, researching, testing and sampling our concepts. These ancient practices are essential in order to create cutting-edge, unique and desirable instruments for high-level musicians. We look at each application on an individual basis and ultimately for us endorsement is to spread the word of Kingdom Guitars far and wide, as well as offering support to gifted musicians.

Benefits for you:

• Offering up to 50% discount on one of our guitars
• Kingdom website feature for the artist/band
• Promoting artist’s videos, tours and general news across Kingdom social networking channels
• Kingdom-funded campaigns across social media for maximum exposure
• Guaranteed 10,000 views on YouTube
• Artist-specific promotional flyers/email campaigns for potential and existing Kingdom customers

What we expect back:

• High-quality full HD (1080p) video guitar playthroughs
• Promote Kingdom Guitars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube
• We may use/integrate your quotes regarding our guitars in company promotional material
• Promotion and sole use of a Kingdom guitar in your promotional/single videos
• A video review and demo of your Kingdom guitar on YouTube
• A detailed written review of your Kingdom guitar on our website

Send your social media page links to: INFO@KINGDOMGUITARS.COM