Matthis Lemonnier | Season of Tears

About the artist.

Presenting Kingdom Guitars ONYX7 endorsed artist Matthis Lemonnier of Season of Tears. Season Of Tears is a Symphonic Death Metal band formed in late 2013. The band has performed many live shows and released two productions: ‘OUROBOROS’ (first EP, 2015) and ‘HOMINES NOVI’ (full-length album, 2017). Inspired by many influences, the music of the band is heavy, rich and complex while the lyrics, based on stories and personal reflections, are deep, meaningful and dark.

About Matt's ONYX7.

Matt uses a standard ONYX7 but with a custom backplate laser-engraving of his logo motif. He also uses Seymour Duncan pickups (Nazgul bridge and Sentient neck).

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Connect with Matt and Season of Tears.

“I have to's perfect! The finish is great, the neck is a dream to play, the whole guitar is really comfortable. The laser engraving is amazing and the sound is massive!”


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© Matthis header image courtesy of Amandine Briche (Culture Metal)